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Divergent #3 - In which Veronica Roth hopefully becomes a better writer and doesn't crush my soul into a tiny, hard lump of useless tissue.

Clockwork Princess - Dear Cassandra Clare, if Tessa breaks Jem's heart I will hunt you down and make you watch Take Me Out until you beg for the sweet release of death.


Man of Steel - because Henry Cavill is so hot that he manages to make me cope with the fact that this film also stars Russell Crowe. Also, yunno, comics.

Star Trek: Into Darkness - because TREK. Someone better drink some fucking Earl Grey in this one, though. And can we PLEASE have some discussions about Bajoran politics or Klingon culture or fucking Ferengi 5th century drinking goblets or something which is boring and procedural and not all sexy. Or it won't be proper.

A Good Day to Die Hard - it stars Jai Courtney who was Varro (be still my heart!) before he was MURDERED by some ROMAN CUNTS (there may be some residual anger).

Thor: the dark world - There are few better ways to spend an afternoon than watching Hemsworth saying things about Valhalla in the third person.

World War Z - this could be dreadful or amazing. I will probably still go and see it.

Warm Bodies - moar zombies

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones - Cassandra Clare's series of dubious quality gets movified

The Host - because I didn't hate the book and I kind of like Saoirse Ronan. Yes I had to copy and paste her name.

Elysium - this looks like awesome sci-fi, plus has Jodie Foster in. Although why couldn't Jodie be the "man must take on a mission blah blah bollocks penis waving"?

Serena - I'm VERY DUBIOUS about a film based around female infertility (why the fuck not male infertility?) but it's Jennifer Lawrence so I may give it my money.

Don Jon's Addiction - this is about a man with a porn addiction (JGL, no less) trying to "become less selfish". Putting aside my problems with that statement, it's good to see any issues with porn taken on by Hollywood

Dark Skies - a horror film wot looks interesting

Get a Job - this looks like fun, although it's a comedy about young people struggling to find work as acted by young, rich Hollywood stars. But then Hollywood doesn't really do irony.

Things which I am sort of looking forward to but have MAJOR RESERVATIONS about and am therefore only tentatively letting myself flail:

Catching Fire - Gale will hopefully declare himself and also FINNICK and I liked this arena better but this was such a treading water book I'm feeling ambiguous about it. Plus it will lead onto the clusterfuck which is Mockingjay. And everyone will start talking about Mockingjay. Ugh.

Safe Haven - this is another fucking Sparks adaptation so if I'm feeling particularly good about myself, my romantic life or my career I might go and see it, you know, to bring myself back down to an acceptable level of self loathing again. That said, it does star someone called Cobie Smulders. And if Cobie Smulders can make it in this world, maybe I can, too.

Requiem (Delirium series #3) - as well as teaching me how many "i"s there are in Delirium, this series has shown me that without a love triangle apparently no publisher will give you the time of day. I await the mauling of my heart. Yay.

What are you all excited about reading/seeing this year?


So, this is the last year of my 20s. Crazy times. I feel old, but also about 13. I blame fanfic for that last one.

Anyway I want to do some things this year:

1. Write little and often about anything and everything. I keep being scared shitless of writing a novel, so it seems far more sensible to post bits and pieces.

2. Make my back/body stronger. Am going to try yoga this week, as I'm a massive hippy so it seems to make sense. Hopefully that'll help my RSI-locked shoulder. JOY.

3. Pay off my credit card/overdraft debts and save in the WOMBAT FUND for travelling to Australia. Must make a budget for these things.

That's pretty much it. Hopefully I can document some of this here, with some writings and probably rantings, too.


I decided to make an LJ to be involved in fic communities on here and to post my fic. For anyone who doesn't know me, I read, write, beta and make banners for fan fiction. My fic can be found on my fanfiction.net profile, my banners on this tumblr and I tweet @grrlinterrupted. If you'd like me to make you a banner, just comment on any of my journal posts.

In RL I'm a 28 year old charity worker and freelance journalist, but who the fuck cares about reality? ;)

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